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Working From Photos

I do work with photos, never to recreate the photo but I use them as a base on which to create an original painting inspired by the personality of the subject.

I realize some artists would say to never work from photos. However,  in my opinion, never is a bit harsh. I have studied carefully how photos might slightly change edges, highlights and shadows of subjects therefore allowing photography to be a help and not a hindrance to me.

I don’t paint exactly what I see, replicating a photo is boring and pointless; without feeling, expression, movement or life, just bland. Using color, expressive strokes and my understanding of the subject, my goal is to create a work of art filled with movement and life.

I will do my best to have measurements and a likeness of the subject, not only with my interpretation and style, but also with my attempt to give it breath…

Again I will be more than happy to paint whatever you desire always striving to go above and beyond your expectations; but please do not expect the “exact photo.”

So if you have a photo you would like recreated into an original painting, let’s talk!

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