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ella-and-edward by professional artist josh hertzenberg

Thank you for visiting the site of Professional Artist, Josh Hertzenberg, where I hope you can learn a little about me and my art.

I am inspired by everyday life and intrigued by family; the closeness, the struggles and the heritage we leave. I keep my sketchbook close by and find myself making quick sketches and making note of colors, shapes, textures and ideas I might use for future paintings.

My two young children often join me by painting or coloring; I am constantly amazed at how quickly they learn and how confident they are of every stroke they apply. There’s no doubt in their minds (or in mine) that they are artists.

Most of the art on my site is for sale; please feel free to browse and buy. All payments go through Paypal making it easy and safe to purchase online.

I also take commissions; so if you see a painting you like anywhere on the site and you would like something similar but maybe in a different color or size, please contact me and we can work out exactly what you want.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my work.